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“My latest order through TWC cost me half of what I would normally pay at my local whole foods store. Thank you TWC, I love your work!”

Rachel, Bondi

“Now I can help my family be healthy without the expense it usually brings! I spent $75 less than usual, just in my first order. I’m a happy shopper.”

Beth, Sunshine Coast

“I was excited to find a group who could track down wholefoods at great prices. It saved me heaps of time and money on my last order where I saved $136. Thanks to The Wholefood Collective. I’ll be buying again.”

Melanie, Brisbane

“I paid less than half the price I pay elsewhere! It feels great to feed my son great food, and even better that it’s not burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks TWC, I’ll be back for sure.”

Sally, Brisbane

“Switching to TWC just made sense to me. I already ate organic food, but things like organic nuts were way too expensive. Not anymore!”

Natalie, Victoria

“So happy. I saved over 50% on my chia seeds and quinoa products just by buying smart through The Wholefood Collective.”

Beth, Northern Rivers

“As a business owner in the food production sector, our ingredients are one of our major costs. TWC has helped slash that cost right down, helping us to deliver high quality products to our customers, at an affordable price. Our last order saw us save over 40% off retail – that really helps the bottom line.”

Lisette Armstrong, Founder – Treat Dreams

“Being on a pension, we couldn’t afford to buy these types of foods. We are so grateful to TWC for making organic food accessible to us. Saving 48% made all the difference to our budget.”

Jill, Gold Coast

“I joined TWC and saved almost $40 on my 5kg order! I’m excited at the increasing range. I love TWC!”

Jane, Gold Coast

“I had a fantastic experience with TWC for my first order. Huge savings (46% saving compared to prices elsewhere), and so easy to order. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone.”

Antoinette, QLD